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What is mindfulness?

Stop and sit down or stand where you are. Make sure you are safe.

Listen to your breathing.

Count to four as you take a deep breath in, breathe out as you count to four again. Continue this for the next few minutes while you read this blog.

Notice the sounds that you can hear. Are there birds, insects, waves crashing, kids yelling, cars driving by?

Feel the weight of your body on the surfaces it's touching. Are the surfaces soft, hard, gritty, clean?

How are you feeling? Happy, peaceful, angry, sad, overwhelmed? Why are you feeling like this?

Relax your shoulders. Can you feel the difference?

Are you feeling any pain or tension in your body? Try and relax those areas.

Is your mind distracted? Bring yourself back to now - can you hear the same sounds?

Is it too hot, too cold, just right?

You are practicing mindfulness! It is taking the time to focus on the now and being present with yourself. Relaxing and calming your thoughts. Controlling your breathing. Living right NOW!

Taking the time to slow down, breathe and listen to our surroundings can have a significant positive impact on our mental and physical health. Practicing mindfulness helps you focus, become calmer during tough situations and more peaceful within yourself. It doesn't have to take long and as little as five minutes a day can make a huge difference to the way you feel!

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